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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steve Fielding to be re-admitted to State facility

That's the "Penny Wong Memorial Climate Re-Programming Facility" of the Peoples Republic of Kruddistan. One visit was clearly not enough, so back he'll go, for another encounter with the high-voltage electrodes applied to delicate parts of the body. And he'll keep going back until he admits that anthropogenic CO2 causes "global warming" [er, surely, "climate change"? - Ed]:
Climate change minister Penny Wong's office is due to present Senator Fielding with more evidence in a bid to convince him that rising carbon levels are warming the planet. [Science isn't about persuasion, or consensus. It's about developing hypotheses, using those hypotheses to make predictions, and then seeing whether they match empirical evidence. If they don't, they get chucked, unless we're talking about AGW - Ed]

"No-one disagrees in climate change. What is in disagreement is it is carbon emissions by man that are driving up global temperatures," he said.

This whole spectacle is utterly ludicrous - elected politicians in a democracy are not permitted to hold "heretical" views about an area of science that has become more like a religion.

And Bob Brown (never at a loss for an overreaction) is apparently "dumbfounded":
"Poor guy. He's just caught there with not believing ... or whether he thinks it's all make believe and somebody's pulling strings and nothing's true at all," he said.

Any idea what that outburst means? Maybe Bob could try saying that again, this time in sentences that actually make sense, perhaps...

Read it here.


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