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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Turnbull will not back ETS

The right decision, but for (partly) the wrong reasons: (a) it will cost jobs [valid reason], (b) is won't help the environment [invalid reason]:
In his keynote address to the Liberal council, [Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull] says the Opposition will use the Senate inquiry process to work on improving the design of a climate change policy. [It doesn't need improving, it needs dropping - Ed]

"Labor's ETS will cost jobs and fail the environment," he said.

"It fails to recognise Australia's greatest and most beneficial opportunities for emissions abatement.

"We will oppose it in its present form and on its current timetable because we have a better and a greener way. Better for jobs, the economy and the environment."

Mr Turnbull said that he is also firmly against the Government's proposed start date of 2010.

"The real issue is getting the design right," he said.

As any fule kno, Australia contributes 1.5% of global emissions, so even if it reduces its emissions to zero overnight, it will make not one skerrick of difference to global emissions, and absolutely no difference to the climate (assuming that CO2 drives temperature - which is far from proven). At least it looks like we won't have the economy crushing pointlessness of Rudd & Wong's ETS, but let's hope we don't get something worse...

Read it here.


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