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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, September 25, 2009

World leaders in Pittsburgh for G20

And of course, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swann, the Bill & Ben of Australian politics, will be there enjoying the free (carbon-fuelled) hospitality and (carbon-fuelled) flights whilst at the same time telling everyone how we should cut emissions:
The forum, hosted by US President Barack Obama, will discuss progress on financial market reforms [socialism good, capitalism bad - Ed], a co-ordinated world strategy to withdraw stimulus spending and a sustainable plan for economic recovery and growth.

The G20 will also further examine plans to crack down on bankers' salaries and bonuses. [The politics of greed and envy - Ed]

It will also be the last chance many world leaders have to discuss climate change and financing arrangements for developing nations before the Copenhagen climate change talks in December. [King Canute style politics of hubris and arrogance - Ed]

Sounds like one to miss.

Read it here.


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