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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rudd, the home-grown toxic bore, sends the UN comatose

And they thought one and a half hours of Gaddafi's rambling incoherence was punishment enough. The delegates were all stampeding for the exits as Rudd patronised and talked down to them in that trademark monotone. All the usual climate bull was wheeled out as expected:
What is required globally is the leadership to embrace this truth [right on, man - Ed] and to respond to it accordingly because the truth is all our governments need ["ooh, ooh, yeah, the truth is all we need"- cue guitar riff - Ed] to reach beyond their self interests and instead fashion a grand bargain between the developed and developing countries of the world - a grand bargain on climate change which embraces both historical and future responsibility; a grand bargain which is anchored in the science of climate change [Science? SCIENCE??? You wouldn't know the science if it smacked you in the face - Ed] and the need to keep temperature rises within two degrees Celsius to avoid catastrophic climate change.

What, no Rudd-speak? No talk of programmatic specificity? Such a disappointment…

Read it here.


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