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Australian Climate Madness

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Climate sense from Piers Ackerman

A lonely voice of sanity amongst the hysteria.
In the past 48 hours, Wong has set an October 19 deadline for the Opposition to present its amendments to the Government’s lunatic emissions trading legislation - overlooking the reality that Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull had earlier indicated the Opposition’s amendments would be ready for Federal Parliament’s resumption on that day.

Before writing to Turnbull, however, she told correspondents in New York (where she is attending a United Nations picnic with the Prime Minister) that the so-called compromise plan she has advanced on Australia’s behalf would permit developing nations to continue to increase their greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, Australia and other wealthy Western nations would have to suffer cutbacks by submitting their own legally binding economy-wide emission reduction targets.

Even those who have gone along with the totally unproven human-induced climate change nonsense would have to see the idiocy in this illogical humbug.

It is a case of unscientific theory being met with ill thought-through policy which can only have one outcome - the erosion of the industrial base of technically superior Western and Asian nations in favour of development of Third World economies.

Despite all of that potential turmoil, none of it would have any possible effect on the emission of greenhouse gases or impact on global climate change. Further, Wong and Rudd remain determined to push through legislation which will drive up the cost of living for ordinary Australians and cost thousands of jobs in the key industries driving our robust economy.

Essentially, the Rudd/Wong plan would reverse the development of Australia that has taken place since European settlement.

The Rudd/Wong solution is, in short, a joke. Much like the UN itself.

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