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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, April 24, 2009

More climate sense from The Australian

Where will it end? I'll be out of a job in a minute! Bring back the climate madness! In two more excellent articles, The Australian brushes up its sceptic credentials, firstly on the science:
The science of climate change continues to evolve and regardless of the outcome of the climate debate, observational data suggests that we may be served well by basing our climate agenda, scientifically and economically, on a broader perspective than that in the IPCC outlined scenarios. Our pollution abatement and energy diversification goals could then be formulated, and likely implemented, with less pain.

And secondly, on the propaganda machine:
Popular acceptance of the widely contested theory that climate catastrophe threatens us because of our clogging the atmosphere with carbon dioxide emissions gains ground with even the most frivolous and deceptive claims for its validity.

Attempts made to attribute the Victorian bushfires to climate change did not take root. But claims that climate change caused the collapse of an Antarctic ice bridge received worldwide and largely uncritical attention. Collapsing is what ice bridges do and have done for countless millennia.

All good stuff! Read them here and here.


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