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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Government at war with Greens (and themselves)

The government, increasingly desperate to keep the ETS going, has launched an attack on the Greens for adopting an "unrealistic" emissions stance, and at the same time, Penny Wong and Peter Garrett are squaring up for handbags at ten paces about sea level rises.

To the Greens first, who have been spanked down by Greg Combet for their emissions reduction proposals:
"The Greens currently are arguing for a 40 per cent cut in emissions by 2020," he said.

"That's like taking the back of the axe to the economy potential in the absence of a wider international agreement. [Economy potential?? - Ed]

"They need to get towards a far more realistic position."

But on the other hand, the government's proposal, assuming CO2 were involved in climate change (which it isn't), would make not a kangaroo's fart of difference, Australia contributing only 1.5% to global emissions. The line they are treading here is about a micron thick...

On to Wong and Garrett, who are slugging it out about sea level rises due to melting of the Antarctic (last time I checked, Antarctic ice was way above average, but I'm splitting hairs...):
Federal government sources said Climate Change Minister Penny Wong was disappointed with the way her ministerial colleague, Peter Garrett, weighed into the debate about global warming [surely "climate change" - Ed], claiming sea levels could rise by 6m as a result of melting in Antarctica. Senator Wong yesterday pointedly refused to indicate whether she supported Mr Garrett's view.

"The impacts of climate change are being seen in many ways, from sea level rise through to extreme weather events," Senator Wong said yesterday. [Wrong on both counts, Penny - Ed]

"Climate change is a clear and present danger to our world that demands immediate attention." [Adaptation, maybe. Attention? No - Ed]

Senator Wong declined to nominate potential levels to which seas could rise.

Why so coy, Penny? Debate's over - science is settled. Let's have the figure please.

Read it here and here.


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