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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comment - the left-wing intelligentsia don't have a clue

An article in The Guardian this morning (reprinted in The Sydney Morning Herald), in which the current solar inactivity is dismissed as irrelevant in the whole "climate change" debate, made my hackles rise:
[Professor Nigel Weiss of Cambridge University] said there was even a chance that Earth might be heading for a low as deep as the historic lows of the 17th century, known as the Maunder minimum. Either side of that trough, Europe shivered through the Little Ice Age, when frost fairs were held on the Thames. [At least The Guardian acknowledges the existence of the LIA, unlike most of the IPCC - Ed]

Should we expect another freeze? Those who claim the rise in temperatures we have seen over the past century are predominantly the result of intense solar activity might argue that we should, but they are in the minority. [Science isn't about consensus, or who has the greater numbers - Ed]

Most scientists believe humans are the main culprit when it comes to global warming, and Professor Weiss is no exception. [Note the use of "no execption" i.e to the rule - Ed]

Even if we had another, similar low, he said, it would probably only cause temperatures on Earth to drop by the order of a tenth of a degree - peanuts compared to recent rise. So do not pack the sunscreen away just yet.

So a previous solar minimum was enough to cause a mini-Ice Age, but this one will only drop temperatures a tenth of a degree? The logic is baffling.

The Left-wing elite, and their attendant media, have such a high opinion of themselves, and the powers of the human race, that they genuinely believe that they can have an effect on the climate of this planet. They never look beyond their lattés at the reality of earth and its environment within the solar system and the universe. The universe is a hostile and violent place, and earth has, for much of its existence, been far from benign. We are fortunate that we live in an era of relative stability on earth, but as Ian Plimer demonstrates in his book, Heaven and Earth, the planet has gone through some unimaginable times - extinctions, Ice Ages, massive volcanic eruptions, cosmic ray bursts from nearby supernovae - all of which humans have no control over.

And anyway, what's so special about humanity anyway? We are little more than a scum on the surface - a product of evolution in very fortunate circumstances - and we have no special place in the universe, certainly not one powerful enough to affect a climate controlled by a raging thermonuclear reaction which has been burning on our doorstep for 4.5 billion years. The forces at work in the universe, and the scales involved, are immense, far beyond comprehension even for cosmologists, so it's hardly surprising that politicians and journalists do not have an inkling.

"Look at the IPCC models," they cry. The IPCC models hardly take any notice of solar effects, water vapour, cloud etc. They are all too hard, so they're left out. And the result is that the earth has cooled since 2001, and not a single model predicted it correctly. And then you look at the history of climate change over the past billion years, as recorded in ice cores and other proxies, and there are clear correlations with the activity of the sun, the orbital position of the earth, and even the position of the solar system in the galaxy.

I hope that solar inactivity continues, and that cooling continues. Something like a repeat of the Maunder Minimum might just be enough to shock the liberal elite out of their cosy belief that the earth and its surroundings are benign and pure, and have been defiled only by the evils of humanity.


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