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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clinton: the new King Canute

Just as King Canute tried to stop the tide coming in (and failed miserably), so the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton will try to "tackle climate change", and likewise, they will fail miserably. The only difference being that this time, it will cost billions of people trillions of dollars, and probably cost millions of lives in developing countries.
''Climate change is a clear and present danger to our world that demands immediate attention,'' she said.

''It is a threat that is global in scope but local and national in impact.

''We know climate change threatens lives and livelihoods. Desertification and rising sea levels generate increased competition for food, water and resources. [Show me the rising sea levels and desertification, please - Ed]

''But we also have seen the dangers that these trends pose to the stability of societies and governments. We see how this can breed conflict, unrest and forced migration.

''So no issue we face today has broader, long-term consequences, or greater potential, to alter the world for future generations.''

Climate changes, that's what it does. Trying to stop it is nonsensical. Adaptation is the key. But you can't expect governments to pass up the opportunity to tax people out of existence, can you?

Read it here.


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