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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UK Times - misrepresentations and alarmism

This article, reprinted in The Australian, is full of half-baked theories presented as indisputable facts - disappointing for what was once one of the world's great newspapers:
  • "shed light on how global warming will change the world"
  • "how much of the ice sheet will melt"
  • "temperatures forecast to rise 7 degrees C in the next 100 years"
  • "temperatures resembled those that could be expected if greenhouse emissions are not controlled"
  • "If the ice sheet melts entirely in the decades ahead, the seas would be expected to rise by 7m"
  • "in a world of man-made climate change."
Why does The Australian print such unadulterated rubbish?

Read it here (if you dare).


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