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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skepticism explained - The Daily Bayonet

A warm welcome back to the blogosphere for The Daily Bayonet, and an excellent article describing the path to skepticism, which will resonate with many, and which warmists themselves would do well to consider:
AGW is nothing but junk science supported by flimsy computer models designed and operated by alchemists. That Al Gore, a lifelong failure in every academic endeavor he ever undertook, leads this movement is the icing on the cake.
Why am I a skeptic? Because the first time I heard about the issue of AGW, it was Al Gore and David Suzuki telling me that the science was settled and the debate was over. Really? Science is settled? Show me anyone making that claim and I will show you someone unworthy of the respect due a scientist. The arrogance of the claim raised a red flag in my enquiring mind, and when I started to investigate, the hubris and dishonesty of the AGW proponents became immediately apparent, and this blog was born.

Read it here.


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