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Monday, March 9, 2009

Token Gesture Alert - Tasmanian women to "tackle climate change"

Bit thin on detail this one, but you can guarantee that "Tas Women Cooling It" (no, honestly, that's what it's called) will be money badly spent in a pointless feel-good gesture.
Sharon Dennis, from the Women's Council, says the project aims to reduce feelings of isolation in the fight against global warming, and create an example by making a real and measurable contribution towards sustainable living. [Feelings of isolation? They should try being a sceptic for a few days... - Ed]

"What our objective is is to contact as many women in Tasmania as we can, who can make a small contribution, which leads onto a larger contribution towards their ideas of reducing their own carbon footprint."

Read it here.


  • Oh man that does not surprise me, down here in Tassie we have our own breed of very stupid and obiedient green sheep. Peter Boyer has a column here int ehpapaer every week youcan see it on the Mercurys website. His last one was entitled "it is no longer sensible to doubt that burning fossil fues has causedour climate to change or that the way we live is unsustainable" Yes Master.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At March 11, 2009 at 3:25 PM  

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