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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reports of ringtail possum's extinction exaggerated

You can bet your house that the enviro-moonbat media won't be covering this story. Despite shouting the original story from the rooftops (see here and a breathless Canberra Times article here), only The Australian publishes the follow-up. It's of course about the (alleged) extinction of the white lemuroid ringtail possum, caused - obviously - by "global warming", oops, "climate change".
"It is not looking good," James Cook University researcher Steve Williams told Brisbane's Courier-Mail last year. "If they have died out, it would be (the) first example of something that has gone extinct purely because of global warming." Professor Williams, director of the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, said the white possum had been identified as highly vulnerable five years ago

But now the animal had apparently made a comeback, with the recent discovery of three, related, brown lemuroid ringtails a sign the white possums were also surviving. "I don't think there is any reason to believe the white ones are harder hit than the brown ones," he said.

Maybe it's because there hasn't been any "global warming" for nearly a decade.

Read it here.


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