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Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama "takes lead on climate"

Although "taking a lead on climate" is like trying to hold back the tide, the US president is a card-carrying warmist who thinks we can stop the natural variations in the earth's climate by cutting emissions and as a result crippling the global economy.
Mr Obama announced over the weekend the formation of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate - a grouping of 17 major economies including Australia - with a ministerial meeting to be held in April and a leaders' meeting in Italy in July.

The President said that his aim was to "help generate the political leadership necessary to achieve a successful outcome in Copenhagen".

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, who is in the US for talks with key administration officials, said the Rudd Government "fully supported" the President's plan.

All sounds great, doesn't it? But how are they going to reconcile the huge increase forecast for China's and India's emissions with the plan to reduce them globally? China and India have more important things to worry about, like providing an economy strong enough to provide a decent standard of living for their populations.

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