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Monday, March 2, 2009

More ETS woes

Even those that believe that AGW is real and dangerous think that the ETS is the wrong way to go. Richard Denniss, executive director of The Australia Institute, appears to be such a person, referring to CO2 as "pollution", and clearly convinced that Australia should "tackle climate change." But even he picks holes in Penny Wong's "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" in The Australian today, particularly the fact that efforts by individuals to reduce emissions will have no effect whatsoever under the ETS, as they will merely allow others to emit more:
The question is: Why has the Government obfuscated and misled the Australian people? Rather than explaining the strengths and weaknesses of her scheme to the Australian public, the Minister for Climate Change has instead sought to cover up and conceal the fundamental problem. And when the first glimmerings of realisation began to spread among the Australian people, she worked hard to suggest, without actually stating it, that individual action could indeed reduce emissions. This was in addition to accusing those who were attempting to blow the whistle that they were indulging in a little misleading of their own.

It is interesting to speculate on a deeply disturbing question. Why has the Minister worked so hard to convince the citizenry that their efforts will be counted and that there is nothing amiss with the design of the carbon pollution reduction scheme? If only she and the Government had put as much effort into examining and fixing the flaws as they have put into their disingenuous denials of the problems, both they and Australia would be a lot further ahead by now.

The High Priestess does not suffer heretics gladly.

Read it here.


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