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Friday, March 27, 2009

Krudd & Gore to discuss climate change

"Krudd & Gore" sounds more like the latest offering from Channel Ten... This should be some high intensity meeting though - Kevin Rudd has an intellect duller than a 10 watt light bulb (the non-CFL variety), and Al Gore is hardly a rocket scientist - in fact he isn't a scientist at all.
The two will meet in New York early tomorrow morning. Mr Gore, the former US vice-president, is a leading advocate for tackling climate change.

Mr Rudd and the US President, Barack Obama, discussed climate change when they met at the White House this week. Afterwards Mr Rudd expressed relief that the US was again showing global leadership on climate change.

But the news isn't all bad:
Mr Obama's budget plan for a cap-and-trade emissions reduction scheme is likely to be thrown out by Congress because of its effect on energy prices, including household bills, during the global economic downturn.

Hopefully the same will happen to the pointless ETS...

Read it here.


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