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Friday, March 27, 2009

Barking Archbishop wades in on climate change

Rowan Williams is a fruitcake of the first order, with the highpoint of his moonbattery being his assertion that sharia (Islamic) law would have to be introduced to some extent in the UK - yeah, right. So given that, it's no surprise that he has as little clue about climate as he has about the stealth jihad:
“Ecological questions are increasingly being defined as issues of justice ... both to those who now have no part in decision-making at the global level yet bear the heaviest burdens as a consequence of the irresponsibility of wealthier nations, and to those who will succeed us on this planet – [Emotional blackmail alert - Ed] justice to our children and grandchildren,” said Williams, who speaks frequently about environmental issues.

“The ecological crisis challenges us to be reasonable ... If you live in Bangladesh or Tuvalu, skepticism about global warming is precisely the opposite of reasonable: ‘negotiating’ this environment means recognizing the fact of rising sea levels ... for us to be reasonable and free and responsible is for us to live in awareness of our limits and dependence.”

Of course, by rising sea levels, he means, respectively, natural erosion and deposition, and falling land levels, and the last time I checked neither of those were caused by evil capitalist SUVs. Spout your environmental claptrap to god (in private) if you wish, but spare the rest of us.

Read it here.


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