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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another bleating letter from "climate groups"

Not another one, I hear you cry. Yes, and all the usual guff is recycled, that every unusual weather event is linked to "climate change", that the emissions target is far too low, etc etc, wrapped up in loads of emotive claptrap:
"By locking in a low target now, Australia will effectively undermine the Copenhagen UN climate process in December, betraying not only the Australian people in its duty of care, but also people and nations across the globe," the letter from Climate Action Groups states.
"It is not the Australian way to do as little as we possibly can at the expense of the millions of people, species and habitats that will be affected by climate change.

"This is not the legacy we wish to leave for our children."

Probably written in green ink. Pop it in the special filing drawer - you know, the round one on the floor over there...

Read it here.


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