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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UPDATE: ABC web poll

I have been promised a response from the ABC about what they meant when they said the poll had been "hijacked" (see original story here). I will post about it if and when received.

On another matter, a few sites have claimed that Gore Lied and ACM faked the image of the poll result. One example of the accusation can be found here. Later posts however concede that the poll was indeed genuine. More to follow.

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  • When I first saw this poll, I just couldn't believe it. I kept linking back into it to see how much the numbers did vary, and response (a) the 'myth' response just kept rising. By this time, I was sure that the link had been picked up and emailed, linked to, posted, across the Planet, because I also heard that votes were coming in from outside Australia.
    Luckily, a couple of sites I look at linked to images of the poll itself, so the attack on 'Gore Lied' can be backed up by other images from other sites.
    The image you have showed voting in the mid 3,000's. I followed it as those numbers steadily rose, and the last time I checked before it was pulled, that count of total votes was nearing the high teens of thousands, and even Andrew Bolt's site has the total at mid 15,000 with the 'myth' vote around mid 90's percent.
    It seems odd to me that when some subjects have a vote in the 90's they're OK, yet this one was 'quite obviously' hacked.
    The only bogus thing about this seems to be the response from the ABC.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At February 18, 2009 at 10:38 AM  

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