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Sunday, February 15, 2009

UPDATED: UK engineering body sells out to climate alarmism

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, that austere body founded in 1847 by railway pioneer George Stephenson, and whose other famous presidents included Robert Stephenson, Joseph Whitworth and Robert Napier, has sold out to climate alarmism, reports the UK Financial Times.
Tim Fox, head of environment and climate change at the IMechE, said: “Yes, we need to mitigate [greenhouse gas emissions], but the evidence shows this isn’t working alone.”
The IMechE identified sea level rises, and an increase in droughts, floods and storms as the main worries arising from global warming. Various measures can be put in place to counteract these effects, ranging from seawalls in some areas to abandoning tracts of land to the sea, and designing transport networks to be more resilient.

Another previously impartial scientific organisation bites the dust.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Piers Corbyn slams the report, calling it "alarmist, self-serving nonsense". See here.


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