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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Krudd's ETS - on again, off again, on again

Despite the whole two-errors-in-four-words "carbon pollution reduction scheme" being subjected to a parliamentary enquiry to consider its effectiveness (see here), Penny Wong is clearly pretty sure of the outcome of that enquiry as she continues to march the country headlong into economic oblivion for the sake of a pointless political gesture:
The federal government has released details of how it expects high-polluting industries to meet new requirements under its carbon pollution reduction scheme.

A guidance paper, released on Wednesday, outlines the assessment process for those in emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) industries and provides guidance on how they are required to meet targets.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the process would assist the government's decision on which activities would be eligible to receive EITE assistance.

Sorry, but why is the government wasting yet more taxpayers' money on the ETS if the enquiry hasn't even reported yet? Or maybe, the reality is that the government doesn't give a flying carbon-credit about what the enquiry will say? That's more like it.

Read it here.


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