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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, February 9, 2009

UPDATED: ABC web poll - 4% think current heatwave is due to "global warming"

UPDATE 2: ABC have responded stating that the poll was "hijacked" (how would that be possible?), but without giving any further details. I have asked for clarification and will post it here if received.

: The ABC web site has moved on to a new poll and has mysteriously "removed" the results from the list of past polls. Surely not more censorship? I have sent an e-mail to News Radio to find out why it was removed. I will let you know the result...

Now you see it... now you, er, don't...

Thanks to Gore Lied. I'm sure the ABC will issue a correction, but as it stands, here is the poll result:

90% think global warming is a myth - wow! Go the deniers!

Read it here.

UPDATE: As of Sunday 8 Feb, it's now 94.3%!!


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