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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, January 12, 2009

We know so much about our planet...

... that we can't even predict a tide properly, let alone determine the climate 100 years in the future. Headline on ABC website this morning:
Biggest king tide in 18 years hits east coast

And, of course, CSIRO can't help playing the "climate change joker":
The CSIRO's Dr Kathleen McInnes says climate change could make things much worse.

"In 50 years' time, when we get that much global sea level rise occurring anyway, this is the sort of thing we might be experiencing every two weeks," she said.

Then in The Age this afternoon:
Sydney's king tides 'just a ripple'

Sydneysiders and tourists descended on Sydney Harbour to witness the natural spectacle of a king tide, but were greeted by nothing more than the normal serene waters lapping gently onto harbour foreshores.

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW had predicted sea levels on Monday would peak up to two metres above normal, with Sydney's highest tide due at Middle Head at 9.50am (AEDT).

Read it here and here.


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