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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Climate nonsense from Christopher Pyne

Christopher Pyne is the Opposition education spokesman, and he has disappointingly revealed himself to have been taken in by the alarmism of the Rudd government in an article in the Sydney Institute Quarterly. Mr Pyne believes that the Liberals should position themselves as the party "most committed to tackling climate change", a pointless aspiration which takes the Liberals in completely the wrong direction.

Here are some of the things he had to say:
  • "There is a demonstrable need to address the release of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere."
  • "The view that the activity of the human race has added to changes to the climate and the warming of the Earth, is not a view with which one will get any argument from younger generations and which is increasingly accepted by all generations."
  • By leading on solutions to the issue of climate change, the new generation of Liberals can demonstrate that they believe progress is in the interests of the party and the country [from the Sydney Morning Herald report on the same article]
So the fact that a bunch of brainwashed teenagers think that AGW is real is enough to convince you, is it? On the contrary, as education spokesman, Mr Pyne should be campaigning to ensure that children are not brainwashed in schools by repeated uncritical showings of An Inconvenient Truth...

As I have said before, the Opposition should have the courage to reject Krudd & Co style alarmism, and look dispassionately at the evidence for AGW, which is shrinking rapidly by the day. But I haven't got any money on it...

Read it here.


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