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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bravo Barnaby!

Out of all the major parties, only the Nationals have had the guts to stand up to Krudd & Co's pointless ETS, opposing it outright, and are going to vote against it in the Senate. The Liberals, on the other hand, blatantly chasing popularity, will support it. Barnaby Joyce, Nationals Senate Leader, is rapidly becoming a bit of a hero in this blog for saying all the right things:
"The view across the National Party is that the reasons put forward to justify an emissions trading scheme are just a load of rubbish," Senator Joyce told The Australian, in the strongest reservations to be expressed by a senior Coalition figure about an ETS.

"Malcolm Turnbull will probably come on board with the ETS but that doesn't mean the National Party will support it."

Senator Joyce was derisive of the Rudd Government's 5 per cent reduction target for emissions. "Australia accounts for 1.5per cent of emissions worldwide, so 5 per cent of that is three-fifths of five-eighths of nothing," he said.

"It's nothing but blatantly ridiculous tokenism."
Senator Joyce said he was disturbed at how climate change sceptics were being treated. "This has become a form of religious fanaticism and these environmental goose-steppers are pretty scary. You're branded a denier. The last time that word was in vogue, it related to the Holocaust."

He said it was meaningless that most climate experts believed global warming was induced by human activity. "History is replete with examples of experts getting it wrong," he said. "Look at Y2K, look at what the doomsayers predicted about population explosions, food shortages, fuel running out, communism taking over the world. None of it happened."

Right on the money. On the other hand, the Liberals, afraid of being branded "deniers" by Rudd, are swallowing the alarmism.
"We should be giving the planet the benefit of the doubt by changing the way we live," [Chrisopher Pyne] said.

The benefit of the doubt? That's probably one of the most ridiculous justifications for a crucial policy decision in the history of Australian politics! Such is the madness of climate change.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Of course, the Sydney Moonbat Herald can't let the opportunity to smear a sceptic pass, so runs an article under the headline:
Joyce slams "Nazi environmentalists"



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