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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Climate change "infringes human rights"

What, I ask, will the AGW brigade think of next? Former President of Ireland and honorary president of Oxfam, Mary Robinson, considers climate change to be an infringement of human rights. And no prizes for guessing which moonbat newspaper prints this nonsense... yep, The Age:
From increasing droughts to increasing floods, from lower agricultural productivity to more frequent and severe storms, many rightly fear that things will only get worse. Their human rights - to security, health, and sustainable livelihoods - are increasingly being threatened by changes to the earth's climate.
Carbon emissions from industrialised countries have human and environmental consequences. As a result, global warming has already begun to affect the fulfilment of human rights, and to the extent that polluting greenhouse gases continue to be released by large industrial countries, the basic human rights of millions of the world's poorest people to life, security, food, health and shelter will continue to be violated.

What about natural disasters? Earthquakes? Volcanic eruptions? Tsunami? They violate human rights far more than "climate change", but we don't pointlessly try to control them, because controlling such things is like herding cats - impossible. And, of course, the punchline is therefore we should "do something":
Urgently cutting emissions must be done in order to respect and protect human rights from being violated by the future impacts of climate change, while supporting the poorest communities to adapt to already occurring climate impacts is the only remedy for those whose human rights have already been violated.

Are there no limits to the depths...?

Read it here.


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