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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simon Marr - clear off back to the EU

Some particularly offensive remarks from some EU busybody who is Down Under telling us how we should run our lives (let's not forget, the EU are experts at regulating every microsecond of the EU's downtrodden populus, and they don't know how to stop when they go abroad):
He gave the thumbs up to Australia's draft plan for emissions trading, due to start in 2010.

"I think you're going along the right path," said the senior policy officer with the European Commission's environment division.

Phew, relief, that's all we were waiting for - a "thumbs up" from an EU bureaucrat...
Dr Marr dismissed critics who want emissions trading delayed because of the financial crisis, telling them they should look for another planet to live on.

I know - I've got a better idea, you find another planet to live on. Preferably one at the darkest and dingiest end of the galaxy. It's so mind-numbingly tedious when people can't be bothered to come up with cogent responses to "sceptics" and simply launch into clich├ęd ad hominem attacks.
Dr Marr said that since arriving in Australia he had read some "quite embarrassing" comments in the media from people who did not want to take action on climate change.

Clearly "Dr" Marr has never read The Age, then, or the ABC web site, which every day is full of alarmist and scaremongering claptrap which is far more embarrassing. I mean really, why do we give a flying carbon credit what this guy thinks? The EU is in a complete shambles when it comes to its emissions reduction plans, so the only thing we could learn from them is how to screw it up. Actually, on second thoughts, Dr Marr, keep talking!!

Read it here.


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