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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, October 6, 2008

Australians "losing interest" in climate change -

And well they might, as hopefully they begin to realise (a) there is nothing they can do to prevent it, and that adaptation is the key; (b) the earth has been cooling for several years despite increasing CO2; and, (c) other issues facing society, both economic and environmental, are far more urgent. Jasmine Hoye, director of Ispos-Eureka's Sustainable Communities and Environment Unit said:
What really strikes me is that we still have so few Australians taking specific actions like substantially reducing their household energy use, driving and flying less, switching to green power, or even buying carbon offsets, especially given all of the media coverage on this critical issue.

Actually, they're probably following the example of Al Gore, who has a carbon footprint the size of France. Tom Nelson spills the beans here.

Read the article here.


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