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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Turnbull threatens to quit over ETS

Don't give us any ideas… In a fit of petulence, Malcolm Turnbull appears to have lost all grip on reality and is laying down a challenge to his backbenchers - back me or I quit. The trouble is, he may live to regret it, since the result is far from a foregone conclusion.
Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has threatened to resign if his Liberal Party colleagues refuse to endorse his stance on emissions trading.

Mr Turnbull wants to negotiate with the government on a carbon trading scheme, but has been publicly criticised by some backbenchers who want to delay until after global climate change talks in Copenhagen in December.

Faced with repeated internal dissent, Mr Turnbull on Thursday gave his strongest indication that he was willing to put his leadership on the line.

"I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am," he told reporters in Adelaide on Thursday.

Earlier on ABC Radio Mr Turnbull said: "To be a party with nothing to say ... no ideas, is not the party I am prepared to lead".

You have got it so, so wrong. Why should the only alternative to meekly agreeing to the ETS be "a party of no ideas"? Straw man I'm afraid. The alternative is to say firmly: wait until after Copenhagen. It's very simple. And what's all this nonsense about "effective action on climate change"? Everybody knows (apart from you, apparently), that the ETS will do nothing whatsoever for the climate. How can we spell this out any more clearly? And then there is this almost unbelievable statement from an Opposition leader:
"The Labor Party is showing real discipline on this issue and a number of my colleagues are not and they should learn from that," Mr Turnbull said.

"If we want to be a government, we should have the discipline of government."

Wrong again, I'm afraid. The Labor party are not showing discipline at all. They are playing politics with the ETS - it would be no skin off their noses to wait until after Copenhagen, but they are pushing ahead simply because they can - why are you the only person in the country who is unable to see this? I'm beginning to think you really are a closet Laborite, with a deeply worrying enviro-moonbat streak into the bargain. Time for a new leader, I'm afraid.

It's Malcolm's Climate Madness.

Read it here.


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