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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Turnbull challenged to rule out Senate block

Wayne Swann has weighed in to the debate now, and is basically ordering the Opposition not to look too carefully at the ETS, not to debate it for too long, nothing to see here, move along.
"Given that this legislation has been before the Parliament for well over six months it's about time the Liberal Party demonstrated their bona fides and made a commitment not to use procedural tricks and filibusters in the Senate to frustrate discussion of this very important legislation," he said.

"Malcolm Turnbull and the shadow cabinet must rule out using their numbers to block a vote on the [ETS] in the Senate - they must do that today."
Yeah, like we were born yesterday… Fortunately, the Opposition are having none of it:
Speaking ahead of today's shadow cabinet meeting, deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop has told Radio National the Opposition will not be rushed through debate on the bills in the Senate.

"If this is the greatest challenge of our generation, it should be subject to one of the greatest debates of our generation," she said.

"I believe we should allow the Senate to do its work thoroughly. The Australian people can only benefit from extensive debate, rather than the suppression of debate."

Read it here.


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