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Friday, October 23, 2009

London's Science Museum unveils alarmist "climate change map"

Yet another Indoctrination Alert, and the fall from grace of another once great British institution. Only last month it was the Natural History Museum, unveiling a hysterical "Climate Change Wall" (see here), and now it is the Science Museum which has joined the alarmist bandwagon, and will be indoctrinating the thousands of school age children that pass through its doors each month:

BRITISH Foreign Secretary David Miliband has unveiled an interactive map demonstrating the impact of global warming in decades to come, to underline the looming threat. 
The map, presented at London's Science Museum, shows graphically how climate change could lead to water and food shortages, mass migration and conflict if action is not taken at a landmark summit in Copenhagen in December.

"The reason for publishing this map is that for many people, not only in our own country but around the world, the penny hasn't yet dropped that this climate change challenge is real, it's happening now," Mr Miliband said.

The effects of climate change are not in "some far flung future" but would affect hundreds of millions of people within his lifetime, he added, unveiling the map with his brother Ed, Britain's climate change minister.

A 4 degree celsius increase could happen in his children's lifetime, Mr Miliband warned.

"The penny hasn't dropped that Copenhagen is the chance to address - on a global scale - the challenge," he said.

The map shows sea level rises and storm surges with temperatures rising up to 15 degrees, bringing increased risks of forest fires and droughts in Europe, and slashing harvests by up to 40 per cent in southeast Asia and Africa.

Vicky Carroll of the Science Museum said: "We thought it was important for visitors to understand the whole picture. [Only the alarmist side of the whole picture, clearly - Ed]

"There's so much information about climate change but many people are still confused, so this gives them the evidence in a clear and accessible way."

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned on Monday the world faces "catastrophe" if action is not agreed to curb the greenhouse gases held resposnible for global warming at the UN talks in Copenhagen.

To think I used to adore the Science Museum as a kid, and now look at it… tragic.

Read it here.


  • Don't blame the Science Museum - the source of the problem is these idiot Miliband brothers, both of whom were dropped on their heads as children. Repeatedly, apparently.

    These two morons are good buddies with our Dear Leader, Kevin Rudd. They worked together as back-room appartchiks before their "calling" to save the world from dangerous global warming. That's why they can be called on to author nauseating testamonials for each other -- like this garbage:,25197,26219120-7583,00.html
    It's all a stitch up -- it's like having your mother in law write a reference for your wife.

    By Anonymous Eloi, At October 23, 2009 at 4:48 PM  

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