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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Japan may "water down" emissions promise

But hang on - surely they should be following us Aussies in locking in binding emissions reductions before Copenhagen, so that whatever happens in December they will be obliged to meet them. Why would they possibly want to wait until after Copenhagen? That's cheating! Then they'll know what the rest of the world is doing and can respond accordingly!
JAPAN cautioned that it could water down planned 2020 cuts in greenhouse gas emissions if other rich nations fail to make deep reductions as part of a UN deal due in Copenhagen in December.

In Brussels, a draft report showed that European Union states were preparing to endorse an estimate by the European Commission that developing countries will need about €100 billion($150.1 billion) annually by 2020 to tackle climate change.

Disputes over 2020 emissions cuts by developed nations and the amounts of cash to help developing nations combat global warming are among the main sticking points in sluggish UN talks meant to end in Denmark on December 18 with a new treaty. [Ha, ha, stop it! My aching sides!]

"The possibility is not zero," Japanese Environment Minister Sakihito Ozawa said when asked if Japan could change its 2020 target of cutting emissions by 25 percent from 1990 levels if Copenhagen falls short on ambition.

He declined to say what alternative target Japan, the world's fifth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, had in mind for cutting emissions, mainly from burning fossil fuels.

Japan's 25 per cent offer made last month is tougher than that put forward by the previous government and among the deepest by any rich nation.

"As environment minister, I want to go ahead with this pledge, but the government announced it with a precondition at the United Nations (climate change summit last month) so of course it could change," he said.

Gee, waiting until after Copenhagen? That seems sensible. Maybe Krudd & Co should consider it…

Read it here.


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