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Monday, October 12, 2009

Greens' ETS plan "laughable" - Fielding

From The Australian Conservative:
The Greens would rather send Australia back to the Stone Age than use common sense in negotiating on an Emissions Trading Scheme, Family First’s Senator Steve Fielding said today.

“I don’t know what planet the Greens are on, but by the look of their ‘Safe Climate Bill’ they look like they’re lost in space,” Senator Fielding said.

“If Bob Brown and his hippy friends really believed in their cause they’d ride their bikes to Parliament House instead of using the Commonwealth’s petrol-guzzling V8s.

“If we did what the Greens propose Australia would no longer exist because there’d be no industries left to drive our economy.

“I still think the Rudd Government’s idea of moving on climate change before Copenhagen is economically reckless.

“But what the Greens have put forward is just plain ludicrous and I can’t see how anyone could see this as a realistic alternative.

“The Greens’ proposed 40 percent reduction in emissions would cripple our economy and boot thousands of jobs offshore.

The hypocrisy of the Greens beggars belief with the way they carry on about the environment yet show no evidence of doing anything about it in their personal lives.”

From 1 July to 31 December 2008 Greens Senators spent $164,240 flying around the country, Senator Fielding said.

“The carbon footprint the Greens leave behind jet setting across the country is just another minor detail they forget to include when they campaign about lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

The Greens should either practice what they preach or just shut up and go away." (source)

More climate sense from Steve Fielding.


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