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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Climate sense from Terry McCrann

It's so obvious, why can't the politicians and the public see it?
In short we have a prime minister who wants to destroy the most basic foundation of a modern civilised society - cheap and available power. And then ' finish the job' some time in the future by destroying our export industries.

Along the way, Rudd's typically bureaucratic 'clever' alternative to closing our power stations, is to 'allow us' to pay billions of dollars to foreigners to let us keep them open.

I have to stress this, because the utter stupidity of what is proposed is so breathtaking, that the average person wouldn't believe it.

We would get nothing, repeat nothing for the billions of dollars potentially shipped overseas. Except the 'right' to keep emitting CO2. To keep our power stations open.

That any government would only be dragged kicking and screaming by global force, to reluctantly accept such a direct and massive assault on not just the prosperity of every Australian but the very basis of what makes this country work, would be bad enough.

But to have a government and a prime minister actually proposing such an attack on the country is beyond rational or even irrational belief.

Then there are no superlatives to capture the government actually demanding that proposal become implementation before anyone in the rest of the world has signed on.

Read it here.


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