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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Andrew Bolt on the Hockey Stick

Thanks to Andrew Bolt, who returns from his sabbatical to write in the Herald Sun. As would be expected, not a single mainstream media outlet chose to run the story of the final debunking of the famous (infamous) hockey stick - I wonder why?
THIS mad global warming scare could at last be over. And all thanks to just 10 trees in Siberia.

Unreported in any newspaper here - and how typical that is - is a startling challenge to the central claim underpinning this greatest scare of our lifetime.

McIntyre found that Briffa could have used 34 more tree ring cores from Yamal that he'd actually referred to in other papers, and which had been collected by his colleague Schweingruber himself.

McIntyre then checked what difference that bigger sample of tree rings would have made, had Briffa added them to his sample of just 10. Answer: the bigger sample showed no warming at all over the past century, with temperatures today lower than in medieval times. The past 12 years don't include 11 of the hottest in history.

Briffa, who is ill, has not said why he did not include Schweingruber's trees but denies "cherry-picking" samples.

It's too early to say if his hockey stick is now broken, but not too early to say that the global warming theory is unproved.

Rather the reverse. The big scare now is not that we're heating the world to hell, but that so few journalists and scientists refuse to see the growing evidence that we're not.

Read it here.


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