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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wong rejects call for nuclear power option (again…)

It's an amusing dilemma for the warmenistas - amusing if you're a casual observer, that is, not so funny if you happen to be directly affected by it. On the one hand they want to "save the planet" from the ravages of a harmless trace gas by banning coal and relying on sunbeams and fart power, yet on the other they flatly refuse to consider the only viable alternative to coal fired electricity generation - nuclear power. Even the mining companies are suggesting nuclear, but Penny Wong (surprise, surprise) is not having any of it:
Mining giant Rio Tinto has urged the government to consider nuclear power as a way to meet climate change targets.

Rio Tinto has reportedly told the government there are questions over the viability of renewable energy due to high costs.

That view was given in a response to a government white paper on energy.

"Rio Tinto is entitled to their view," Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said. [That response is the political equivalent of shrugging one's shoulders and muttering "Whatever..." - Ed]

But she said Australia had strong conventional and renewable energy sources, including solar power, wind, wave and geothermal.

"Our focus as a government is on developing those resources," Senator Wong told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

We all know that all of those "alternative" sources do not come even close to the energy demands of a Western economy (solar, hopelessly inefficient and only works in daytime; wind, ugly windmills blotting the landscape and only works when it's windy; wave, frighteningly expensive; geothermal, ditto) and if climate change was the greatest challenge to humanity since the dawn of time (© Al Gore), then they would be jumping at the nuclear option. But strangely they're not.

Climate madness.

Read it here.


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