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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quote of the Day - Geoscientist Michael Asten

Interviewing geoscientist Michael Asten on Radio National's Counterpoint, Paul Comrie-Thomson couldn't resist plugging the ABC's alarmist agenda by trying to smear Asten as being in the pay of "big oil". I'm glad to report that he got it all back from Asten, with interest:
Paul Comrie-Thomson: Michael Asten, I'm going to ask you a question from left field; are geologists influenced in this debate by their connection to mining and petroleum industries?

Michael Asten: Oh yes, the bogey of being funded by big oil, Paul. The reality is that geologists are exposed from about their second week of first-year studies to the Earth's history of climate change. Climate changes on a daily cycle and dozens of other cycles all the way through to some cosmic cycles a couple of hundred million years long. So geologists are not surprised that we're seeing a change in climate.

Hey, do you think Al Gore may stand to benefit a teensy-weensy little bit from scaring people witless about climate change? No one ever mentions that, of course, but when a scientist gets some loose change from an oil company and it's scandal, outrage, shock horror...

Read the transcript here (the whole thing is an interesting read).


  • Gotta disagree with you there.

    His question was more about why any connection to mining companies is seized upon by alarmists to discredit sceptics.

    The guest was very reasonable and eloquent and made some very important points in a non aggressive setting.
    I am a huge fan of Counterpoint, it is a program that is an example of what the ABC should be.

    Tragically it's only an hour a week.

    Incidentally at the end of the program they interviewed Christopher Booker a well known UK sceptic.

    By Anonymous DavidF, At July 3, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

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