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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Opposition propose changes to ETS

Finally, at least the Opposition are focusing pressure on the government by proposing a number of significant changes to the ETS. If the government rejects them all out of hand, we will know what we suspected all along, that they are not interested in the effect it will have on the climate, or the economy. Their response will be interesting, as The Australian writes in an opinion piece:
There are members in the opposition partyroom who would be happy fighting an election on the ETS. But in agreeing to talk, Mr Turnbull has placed the pressure where it should be -- on the government. At long last we are about to have the conversation that should have been running for months, a discussion on the detail of the ETS.

This will be a difficult discussion indeed for the government because the ETS is immensely complex and the risk is that there are many unidentified devils in the detail.

There is no case for rushing the ETS through parliament because Mr Turnbull does not want to be unfairly accused of opposing the cap-and-trade approach to carbon emissions or because the government would prefer to avoid being bogged down in debates over the detail. It is up to Mr Rudd to justify the legislation, not as a symbol to satisfy voters who want action on global warming. Rather, he must convince us it will work, without costing jobs and exports. The political manoeuvring this week will not be remembered for long but we will all endure the consequences of a flawed ETS.

Unfortunately, given the Opposition's weak position, they have no choice but to try and negotiate the ETS, rather than do the right thing which is to reject it outright. Remember, the ETS will do nothing, repeat nothing, to alter the climate, local or global. Australia contributes just 1.5% to global emissions and even reducing that to zero overnight (i.e. a 100% reduction) would make no perceptible difference to global temperatures, even if CO2 were the main driver of temperature, which is by no means proven.

What we do know, however, is that the ETS will damage the economy, raise energy prices for consumers, lower standards of living, cut thousands of jobs and make Australia less competitive against economies that have chosen not to hamstring themselves with pointless emissions reductions.

Read it here.


  • I do not see the point in even suggesting changes to the legislation. I would prefer they raise a cross to the whole thing and let krudd force a double d, joint sitting, vote it through and then at least the ALP will own the thing right down to the recycled paper it is written on. That way when the whole thing goes pear shaped-job losses by the rain tank full, economic chaos that makes 15 September 2008 look like the good old days-at least then the Opposition will be in a position to put their hands up in front of them and say they had zero to do with the whole mess. If they get involved in any way with this pile of excrement krudd and co will share the blame around come election time, guilt by association and all.
    Apart from the political fall out if it is implemented and the opposition support it what will happen when they eventually become the government? Will they keep the taxes even though they are absolutely unnecessary? Most likely yes. Then we will still be screwed.
    The unnecessary taxes based on a hoax are the issue and unless the opposition reject man made global warming/climate change then when we are freezing our arses off in the near future no one will trust them again.

    By Blogger JennyinOz, At July 25, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

  • I'm inclined to believe that we should just get on and implement the ETS. No-one is listening to the advice that ETS will damage the economy for no appreciable gain. People have to experience this first hand -- and since this is what they are clamoring for, I say give it to them. After all, it's not something that couldn't be wound back in the future.

    On the adjacent page of The Australian, there is a correspondent who opines that "The broader electorate needs more time to be disappointed by Kevin Rudd. If [Turnbull voting against the ETS] brings forward an early election, then the timespan of a two term Rudd government would be shorter."

    Couldn't agree more.

    By Anonymous Eloi, At July 25, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

  • yeah, put a tax on carbon, suddenly we all can't afford electricity anymore, (except those with solar panels, who get it for free), Australia's economy will shut down and we'll be making do with candles ;)

    lower living standards indeed.

    By Anonymous charbono, At July 26, 2009 at 1:46 AM  

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