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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, July 3, 2009

New South Wales abandons emissions reduction plans

That doesn't quite fit with the Rudd government's climate policy, does it? Once again, the realities of life seem to get in the way of high minded ideals.
THE Rees Government has dumped key elements of its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including promises to force big businesses to use less energy and to set a statewide energy efficiency target.

The promise to force big companies to make and implement energy-saving plans was announced by the former premier, Morris Iemma. Yesterday the Government agreed to make this voluntary, after the tribunal recommended the mandatory program be terminated.

The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, a lobby group for heavy greenhouse gas polluters, told the tribunal it opposed mandatory energy efficiency standards for businesses because they "impose an unnecessary compliance burden on industry" and were not economically efficient.

And pointelss feel-good gestures still dominate:
Funding for switching schools to low-energy lighting will also continue despite the review finding that was "not a cost-effective way of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions".

Personally, I am sick of CFLs. They flicker, take ages to warm up, cost a fortune, and Australia has no national plan for safe recycling. CFLs get chucked in the dumpster, releasing mercury into the environment (which is a highly toxic heavy metal, rather than a harmless trace gas). In this case, it seems green ideology overcomes reality.

Read it here.


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