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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liberals heading for train wreck on ETS

Malcolm Turnbull is off on a frolic of his own right now, apparently changing policy on the hoof, which has incensed backbencher Wilson Tuckey, who has branded the leader "inexperienced" and "arrogant".
Mr Tuckey sent an email to all Opposition MPs and Senators criticising Malcolm Turnbull for suggesting the Coalition could back a scheme when the partyroom has declared it will not support any legislation before the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen at the end of the year.

The confidential email sent to all Coalition colleagues has leaked. Mr Tuckey says says he has received support from some, and criticism from others.

"The critics, they've criticised me, giving me all the old platitudes, 'oh you're doing damage to the marginal seat holders'," he said.

"I'll tell you what'll do damage to the marginal seat holders, the Liberal Party prostituting its principles and supporting something they know in its own heart will not either deliver on emission reductions and will do severe damage to the Australian economy."

The Nationals are the only party to openly oppose the ETS, and Barnaby Joyce, as he is so often, is right on the money in his comments this morning:
"I don't think there are any amendments to this emissions trading scheme that will make it palatable.

"Emission trading scheme in essence is a brokers', bureaucrats', bankers' bonanza, it will do nothing to change the climate."

The Liberals are in a right fix. If they vote against the ETS twice, they will trigger a possible double dissolution, and an election they almost certainly will lose. If they support the ETS, they will be voting for the single worst piece of legislation foisted on the Australian public.

Read it here.


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