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Australian Climate Madness

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Krudd's address to ALP conference

More of the same from our great leader. Spin, spin and more spin, especially on climate. Don't forget of course, he's preaching to the ALP faithful, so he can say what the hell he likes and get away with it, which, curiously, is precisely what he does...
The climate change sceptics constantly scare-monger about the possible loss of jobs through the transition to a lower carbon economy. ["Possible"? Try "inevitable" - Ed]

But they constantly fail to talk about the new clean energy jobs of the future which will arise from the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, the renewable energy target and energy efficiency measures in the future. [Ah, yes, of course, the new green economy - a myth - Ed]

Specifically, these fifty thousand positions will be made up of: [Hope you're ready for this...]
  • 4000 disadvantaged job seekers participating in the current insulation program [paid for by the taxpayer];
  • 6000 local green jobs through the jobs fund;
  • 10,000 places in a new National Green Jobs Corps; [WTF? - Ed]
  • 30,000 trainees and apprentices in priority sectors of the building and construction sectors and other trades, where places will concentrate across the range of “green skills” competencies that will be needed in the future. These will be achieved through a new National Green Skills Agreement and will start building a new skill base in existing industries and cutting-edge industries, and create jobs and opportunities for generations to come. [Can someone please tell me, is this for real or have we moved into some kind of "Chaser"-style parody land? - Ed]
The practical job-ready skills included in this training will include:
  • Training electricians in the installation of solar energy [which nobody wants];
  • Training plumbers in the installation of water-recycling, plumbing systems; and
  • Training workers in the booming home insulation industry and the retro-fitting of buildings to reduce energy consumption. [All paid for by you and me and every other poor taxpayer in the country - Ed]

There really is no comment which will do justice to this pitiful nonsense.

Read it here.


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