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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Krudd - King of Inanity

Kevin Rudd has shown himself not to be the sharpest chisel in the toolbox, and to prove it he seems to be doing most of his communication via Twitter. For those of you who are interested, Kev's twittering [sorry, "tweets" - Ed] can be found at, but if you can't wait, here are a few thoughts from the mind of our great leader (these are not made up, in case you wondered):
  • Blues played hard. Tough game. Congrats to NSW for last night and to Qld for the series. Fantastic atmosphere at Suncorp. KRudd. [Translation - Sport. Man of the people.]
  • Good chat w Obama on climate change. Together w other leaders launched Carbon Capture & Storage Institute. Much to do b4 Copenhagen. KRudd [Translation - I am a very important person.]
  • Great to be home. Test draw painful! Got update mid flight. Family well. Dog happy. Cat grumpy. Situation normal. Now back to work. KRudd [Translation - Family man.]
  • Starting my blog tomorrow on Climate Change. Like to hear your ideas on practical action. KRudd [Translation - I'm a guy who will take action on climate change, because I don't understand anything except what the IPCC and Penny Wong tell me]
I mean, really, who would possibly want to read such vacuous and inane comments from their Prime Minister? Then there's the blog, of course, which parrots, almost verbatim the usual cracked record nonsense and misrepresentations we hear every day from Penny Wong:
Australia is determined to be on the front foot in global efforts to tackle climate change [Why? - Ed]. We know that our nation is more exposed to the impact of climate change than perhaps any other developed economy. Without strong global and national action, climate change will permanently damage our natural environment and hit our jobs and our economy hard. The Great Barrier Reef – one of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders which generates jobs for around 60,000 people and more than $4.9 billion in tourism revenue – is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

The next step for Australia is to take strong action at home through Parliament passing the [two errors in four words] Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in August. This scheme will for the first time put a limit on Australia’s [two errors in two words] carbon pollution. By taking action at home in Australia, we can give businesses certainty and give momentum to the international negotiations that are so crucial for our national interest.

ACM's advice is to avoid both at all costs.


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