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Australian Climate Madness

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Federal and state governments square up on ETS compensation

On Tuesday it was the AFP in the dark on their climate enforcement role, now it's handbags at ten paces between the federal and state governments regarding compensation for increased energy costs as a result of the ETS [Funny, you never hear about the increased energy costs to consumers from Penny Wong - Ed]. Anyway, Penny says no more money for states, but the Greens say that states should be compensated. And what is Greg Combet's response?
Assistant Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says the states should try to be more energy efficient.

But he says where they do face higher costs they are expected to pass them on to householders who are receiving compensation.

So here's a quick quiz, which do you think the states will do - spend gazillions on more energy efficiency, or just pass all the extra costs onto ratepayers?

Read it here.


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