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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dr Roy Spencer dispels the myth of the "Green economy"

So much is talked about "green jobs" and the "green economy", and how damaging emissions reductions schemes can somehow "create" wealth and employment out of thin air (or as it happens, carbon dioxide), that it is refreshing to see the whole myth so thoroughly debunked:
Given the pain (and public backlash) the EU has experienced from two years’ experience with its Emissions Trading Scheme, why would our politicians ignore that foreign experience, as well as popular sentiment against cap-and-trade here at home, and run full-steam with eyes closed into this regulatory quagmire?

The only answer I can come up with is: more money and more power for government. As a former government employee, I am familiar with the mindset. While the goal of a private sector job is to create wealth, the government employee’s main job is to spend as much of that wealth as possible. A government agency’s foremost goal is self preservation, which means perpetuating a public need for the agency. The idea that our government exists to help enable a better life for its citizens might have been true 100 years ago, but today it is hopelessly naïve.

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