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Monday, July 6, 2009

Climate madness from Oxfam

I wonder if the people that write these reports ever look out the window? Or look at the global temperature record? As is common today in climate science, the output from flaky models replaces empirical observation - it's true: models actually replace reality. And of course, Fairytale-facts prints it all, unquestioningly.
MOST of the gains made by the world's poorest countries over the past half a century will be lost unless action is taken on climate change, Oxfam says.

A report by the international aid agency says up to 375 million people may be affected by climate-related disasters by 2015.

"Climate change is becoming quite rapidly the central issue to do with poverty today", Oxfam Australia's chief, Andrew Hewett, told the Herald. "That also raises deep ethical dilemmas because the people least responsible for this crisis have the least resources to deal with it, and they are also those who are on the front line."

We will have to suffer the endless reports from the G8 summit in the days ahead. All the usual climate clowns will be there - Obama, UK's Gordon Brown, Rudd & Wong - spouting their usual brand of nonsense, including laughably regarding the climate as if a quick twiddle on the 'CO2 dial' will miraculously adjust the temperature, like turning down the electric blanket:
A key issue at both [G8 and major "polluters"] meetings will be whether the US President, Barack Obama, publicly embraces the scientific goal [Scientific? Don't make me laugh - Ed] of keeping the world's temperature from rising above 2 degrees Celsius in order to avoid dangerous climate change.

Note the use of the word "polluters" again, in order to obfuscate and mislead the public (and, clearly, the media). I am all for reducing pollution. CO2 is not pollution. CO2 is plant food. Got it? Barking madness.

Read it here.


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