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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rudd blows US vote out of proportion

(Of course - what did you expect?) Omitting the rather crucial point that the Waxman-Markey [Malarkey, more like - Ed] bill won't become law until it passes the Senate, which is about as likely as the Greenland Ice Sheet melting next week, Rudd cannot resist the temptation to trumpet the US vote as something "important."
Mr Rudd says the world is moving to tackle climate change and the Coalition needs to get on board.

"To those who are delaying action in the Australian Parliament, look at what's happening in the United States," he said.

"Rather than voting not to vote, which is what the Liberals have done here, let's get on with the business of acting and getting things done."

In other word, come on guys, let's be as dumb as the Yanks. At least Tony Abbott has his head screwed on:
"We're not going to support an ETS which costs Australian jobs without providing any definite and guaranteed environmental benefit. Why would we do that?"

Why indeed.

Read it here.


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