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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flannery and Greens fall out over ETS

"I'm greener than you!"
"No you ain't!"
"Yes I am!"
"No you ain't!"

Fight, fight, fight! I love it when the warm-mongers start beating the sh*t out of each other - saves us realists the bother!
Greenpeace has taken aim at leading climate scientist Tim Flannery, saying his backing of the government's planned emissions trading scheme is unhelpful.

Professor Flannery told ABC television on Monday the Australian Greens should vote for the scheme because "a first step is better than nothing".

Greenpeace spokesman Steve Campbell says that view is disappointing and unhelpful.

"Doing something in this case is worse than doing nothing," he said.

Read it here.


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