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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yet more global warming indoctrination

In Victoria this time, where students are "invited to imagine a world 20 years from now where environmental solutions have not yet been found to pressing issues including global warming" [Which stopped in about 2001 - Ed].
Steve Cook, campus principal at Williamstown High School which has trialled the education resource, said students had responded with optimism and creativity to the program.
"The curriculum provides facts whilst capturing imaginations and developing skills to address environmental challenges." [I wonder if it provides "facts" about the natural climate cycles the earth has gone through over billions of years, or maybe it will just focus on evil CO2 - what do you think? - Ed]

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, the patron of curriculum developer the Global Green Plan Foundation, and federal Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong will launch the initiative.

Seems where the environment is concerned, the politicisation of education is just fine and dandy. Be thankful you don't live in Victoria.

Read it here.


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