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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Queensland Rail indoctrinating passengers

Pity the poor residents of Queensland. Their mornings go something like this: First you open your morning copy of The Brisbane Times (or any other of the Fairytale-fax press), and you get your first shot of climate change hysteria before you've even brushed your teeth. Then you get into your car to drive to the station, tune in to ABC, and you get your second dose (in case the first shot has worn off). And then, you get on a Queensland Rail train, and get subjected to a showing of the doom-mongering BBC documentary Planet Earth, which has been described thus:
This is an activist piece, even by the greener-than-thou standards of previous BBC productions, seeking to appeal to the audience that turned out to see Al Gore’s slice of climate change alarmism, An Inconvenient Truth. There’s even a website,, for those who want to find out more about how we can save the world. And it’s a moral film, firmly directed at children. (source)

Fortunately, at least one QR commuter was incensed enough to complain:
The BBC-produced Planet Earth was shown on a trip from Miriam Vale to Brisbane on May 1, and upset passenger John McMahon.

Mr McMahon wrote to Transport Minister Rachel Nolan expressing his disgust that passengers would be subjected to such "entertainment".

"I find it disgraceful that a state government can inflict this mindless, apocalyptic, fear-mongering propaganda on to a 'captured' audience without providing a disclaimer that this is only one side of the debate," Mr McMahon said.

I encourage everyone to follow Mr McMahon's lead.

Read it here.


  • Indeed, everyone should follow Mr. McMahon's lead. Every time we politely remain silent in the face of this blatant propaganda, the eco-loons drive yet another nail into the coffin of our personal freedom. The alarmists are vocal, and we need to respond in kind. Remember the man in the UK who complained about showing AIT in schools - it led to the disclaimer and destroyed the credibility of the film. We owe him and others like him a great debt, and we all can show our appreciation by speaking up whenever possible, pointing out the facts, and refusing to keep silent in the name of political correctness.

    By Anonymous mrs pelican, At May 21, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

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