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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kerry O'Brien lets Penny Wong off the hook

An embarrassing backflip by Labor, and had it happened to the Coalition, KO'B would have savaged them mercilessly. But not so our Penny, as Australian Conservative reports:
He handled Wong with kid gloves, allowing her to duck and weave with hardly a blow landed. It is exceedingly rare for O’Brien to allow one of his interruptions to be batted away but Wong got away with it.

O’Brien posed a tough question at the start: wasn’t this an embarrassing u-turn? he asked. Wong was allowed to avoid a yes or no answer, and instead was allowed to spin her way out of it. O’Brien also passed up a chance to push a very obvious point.

Wong argued that moves to tackle climate change would have to be delayed and watered down because of problems with the accuracy of economic forecasts.

With even global warming scaremongers like David Karoly accepting that the world has cooled in the last 12 years, could it be a fact that global warming computer modelling is similarly flawed?

Read it here.


  • I watched this interview and thought that at one stage Kerry No'Brain was going to offer her a tea and bikkie.

    However, last night when interviewing Malcolm Turnbull, he interrupted him six times within the first minute. He wouldn't let Malcolm get his points across.

    Yes it is their ABC!

    By Anonymous Chris from Sydney, At May 7, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

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